Kathrens Sari Blanket Wraps

Wrap up in style with a Kathrens Knitwear sari blanket wrap. Made from a soft luxury merino wool, this colourful two metre length of cloth gives an effortless originality to any outfit ...any occasion. These sari blanket wraps bring colour and warmth and sensuality to those who wear them. They are useful and beautiful. They are noticed and much admired.

All the sari blanket wraps are knitted in short runs by ourselves, with the wool sourced from Ilkley in Yorkshire and at present, sold exclusively at the Kathrens Knitwear studio.

PLEASE NOTE: The sari blanket wraps must be washed on a COLD hand or wool wash. Hang to dry and steam press with a cool iron on the reverse. Alternatively, they may be dry cleaned.

Under Wraps

There are many ways to skin a cat! So too ...there are many ways to tie your Sari Blanket Wrap ...

Wear one over your shoulders, or over your head, drape one around your body like an Indian sari. Tie one over your coat or under your jacket. Snuggle up the sleepy, hungry baby in the folds of gentle wool. Keep your feet warm watching a film on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon. Unfold it at the end of the bed to bring colour to your dreams. Lend it to your sweetheart to remind them of you.